• Impeccable work! Pete works on some of the rarest and most interesting cars around (and there's quite a few in Sarasota), and will do anything from a Hyundai to Koenigsegg. He's passionate not just about his work, but doing it correctly. For the same price as any other place, I got the very best hands that even other detailer friends defer to him for. A new standard has been set, and it wont be easy to top...

    Lonnie Benson
  • Did an incredible job on my wife's new Tesla and my Gen V Viper. We are fortunate to have such world class talent in our sleepy little town. Before Pete I had to travel to Tampa or Orlando to get anything close to his quality.

    Andrew Marlowe
  • Best place ever hands down, the environment was professional. The work was professional. And had a bigger smile then intended when I walked in. If your afraid of someone touching your work this man will probably treat it better then you treat it your self.

    Juan Zyzz Avellaneda
  • What a class act! Great work on my 2017 BMW M3. Flawless and I'm glad I got the front window tint for interior cooling, it makes a huge difference!!! Thanks guys!!

    Will Bean
  • Just had my 2010 black Shelby redone. Looks like it just rolled off showroom floor. Pete does excellent work, highly recommended.

    James Gentile
  • Pete did a great job installing paint protection film on my 2011 Porsche 911 GTS. It's a pleasure dealing with someone of integrity that insists the job is done correctly.

    Bill Rowell
  • Pete is very passionate about and takes great pride in his work. I'm very happy the way my car turned out and any questions / concerns I had after the fact. If you are looking for paint correction and /or ceramic coating, I would highly recommend him.

    Brian Babernitch
  • Pete uses the most modern technology and techniques to produce nothing but perfect results! Everytime! You will not find a higher educated, true business professional with a passion like his!

    Kenny Mathews
  • Attn-to-detail is Pete's middle name! I met Pete at a detailing training seminar in California just last year and as a fellow professional detailer Iam always impressed by his quality of work and is close attention to detail!!

    Steven Karim Fritz
  • Proud of this guy. True to the passion. Super awesome at this art.

    Sean Kelly
  • Wow! Just had a paint correction to my Orange 2008 Cayman S Sport. The car had some swirls and scuffs from the previous owner. Pete made the paint look better than new. Now I need to plan on having the other cars done.

    Chris Welty
  • Phenomenal work!! Highly recommended.

    Michael Gottlieb