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This basic protection of Clear Bra includes a 12″-18″ coverage on hood and fenders, full front bumper, mirrors, headlights and fog lights (if applicable).

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Our Partial Plus upgrades you to a full hood. By doing so, we’re not only increasing the protection but also eliminating the seam across the hood making the install nearly seamless

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The most popular choice among car enthusiasts who don’t want seams across the hood or fenders.By eliminating these seams the installation will look practically invisible.

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Our full vehicle wrap not only protects your vehicle from nicks and chips,but also against swirls and scratches. Xpel Ultimate Self Healing film will keep your factory paint swirl free

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The lower rocker panels are exposed to more chips and nicks than almost any part of the car. Your vehicle’s front tires are constantly kicking up debris and sand causing damage to your paintwork.

XPEL Protection Film - ULTIMATE

Is a very low surface energy lm designed to resist staining and offers superior environmental resistance and gloss retention.

The clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that allow scratches in the surface to “heal” over time, eliminating the need for frequent polishing to maintain a just installed appearance.

​​XPEL Protection Film - ULTIMATE is coated with ultra clear high performance acrylic adhesive which has excellent adhesion on a broad range of surfaces, while resisting disturbances during installation.

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Why Your Car Needs to Have a Clear Bra (PPF)

Xpel Paint Protection Film aka “Clear Bra” is design to protect the front end of your car against damages caused by bugs, rocks, or gravel. This practically invisible film can be installed on most painted surfaces and on the headlights of your vehicle for the absolute best protection

At First Impression Premier Auto Detail our Xpel Paint Protection Films are very easy to maintain. Xpel clear bra will not harm your paint or change the look of your car. These great films offer a clear-coat finish providing your vehicle with a great shine. Our clear bra films are warranted not to peel, yellow or crack for up to 10 years after installation.

We Know Paint Protection Film

We at First impression strive to offer the very best installation to our clients and customers alike. We are a factory trained and authorized installer for Xpel paint protective films

We Are Your Best Choice

At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we are known for providing the best protection available in the market together with the cleanest installations thanks to our continuous training and experience. Because we were detailers before becoming clear bra installers we have a better understanding of the paintwork and how to properly refine it before installing the protective film. Also, specific computer cut patterns are used to ensure the best possible fit and damage free installation.

What Makes Us Unique

Proper Surface Preparation Prior to Film Installation
We perform a 2 step paint decontamination process to make sure no contaminants are trapped under the film. We also perform a single step paint correction to remove unsightly swirls and light scratches off the paintwork.
Computer Cut Patterns
This ensures a damage free installation on your vehicle as it reduces the need of a cutting film once it has been laid on the surface.
We Take Our Time

The key to every successful installation is patience. We always take our time when installing the film, always double and triple checking our work to make sure we’re giving you the absolute best installation.

Rolled Edges

Even though this is an option for our customers, it is something we like to emphasize to them. Rolled edges gives you a seamless finish to a clear bra.

Maintenance Free

We are the ONLY installers in the state who doesn’t charge extra to apply a protective coating on top of the paint protective film. This coating not only protects the film but it also makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain.

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What You Should Know

At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we don’t price match. We are strong believers of “You get what you pay for”. Yes there are cheaper solutions out there from “competitors” but you have to take into account what you’re paying for. These so called “competitors” rely on low-end, low-cost films, poorly designed computer cut patterns and cheap prices to attract those customers who are shopping around based on price rather than quality. Yes, their job will cost you less, but the quality of their installation will be inferior and durability will be sacrificed. We at First Impression provide you with a superior film installation that will protect your automobile investment for many years to come.

Before You Buy From a Dealership

For many, buying a clear bra at their local dealership may appear enticing due to financing options, or it just gives them a false sense of security that they’re getting a high quality work done with quality film by a highly trained and experienced installer, but this can and most of the time is a transaction full of problems. Most of the times, these “installers” at your local dealerships are not experienced nor properly trained. Some installers use “bulk film” and attempt to cut it to fit the contours of the car with razor blades because they don’t have the proper equipment and software to generate the computer cut kits we work with. This “free hand” way of installing films usually leads to cuts through the clear coat and often the base coat as well. Furthermore, dealerships are here to make a big profit and to do so, they often use lower end, cheaper films and pattern designs that provide only mediocre coverage and protection. For most dealerships quality is often of secondary importance.

We Got You Covered

At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we are here to meet all of your vehicle’s PPF needs.

  • Complete vehicle wrap
  • Full front-end coverage (full hood, fenders, bumper, and mirrors)
  • Partial front-end coverage (half-hood and fenders, bumper, and mirrors)
  • Front bumper only
  • Custom installs and pieces available (rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights, etc).

  • Call us at (813) 846.3891 for pricing and options for your specific vehicle.

    XPEL Ultimate

    At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we also offer Protective Coatings such as Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq and Opti Coat Pro to enhance the protection of the Paint Protection Film aka “Clear Bra” and protect the rest of the car that wasn’t wrapped. This protective coatings make the regular maintenance of your vehicle much easier as well as protect that new car shine and eliminates the need of waxing your vehicle ever again.

    Request a Protective Coating on your next visit to our studio.

    From the manufacturer

    Protect your investment with the pioneers in automobile protection
    Few brands are 100% committed to protecting your automobile like we are. We focus all of our resources, time, human capital, and research in developing some of the most innovative automobile protection products in the market. We hold the highest quality standards throughout our entire production process, from design to distribution. All of this has made XPEL one of the most recognized names in the automobile protection industry.
    What is paint protection film
    The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film's clear coat, it will not heal.
    The XPEL difference

    Our entire line of films is hand drawn, measured, and tested manually. Our ULTIMATE line uses special elastomeric polymer technology that allows the film to HEAL ITSELF from scratches or swirl marks in a matter of minutes. We developed our Design Access Program (DAP) Software to provide the most customizable and precise coverage in the industry. This allows our distributors to offer products that fit the needs of their customers while eliminating unnecessary waste. All of our workmanship is backed by our extensive warranties.

    Our promise

    We promise that each one of our products will protect your investment with best-in-class durability, performance, appearance, and overall quality. Our quest for excellence doesn’t stop there. We ensure that your automobile protection products are only installed by highly qualified experts by providing custom training programs and extensive support for all of our partners.

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    FAQs - From the manufacturer

    Will Opticoat or cQuartz hurt the film?
    Sealants such as Opticoat and cQuartz will not hurt the film or interfere with our ULTIMATE paint protection film’s self healing properties.
    Can/should Opti-Coat or similar coating be applied to the car before the film is installed?
    We do NOT recommend applying sealants such as Opti-Coat or cQuartz to the parts of the car that will be covered with film. The low surface energy of paint sealant products such as these will cause adhesion problems both during installation and over the life of the product. In addition, it is worth noting that there is really no benefit to applying sealant to the paint before the film anyway, since the film will provide far more environmental protection to the paint than a sealant ever could.
    How long should I wait to apply your product if my car has been repainted?
    You will need to contact us and see what we recommend. The time will vary depending on the paint system the body shop used. In any case, the time that they recommend you should wait to wax the paint, is the same time you will need to wait to install our product.
    How does XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film heal itself?
    XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows even though it is cured. This allows the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed on the surface.
    How deep of a scratch will heal?
    The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film’s clear coat, it will not heal.
    How long does it take for a scratch to heal?
    The time for a scratch to heal depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. Minor scratches usually heal in one hour at room temperature (72°F). In warmer climates, healing time will be shorter. The healing process can be accelerated at any time by pouring hot water over the scratched area.
    How many times will the clear coat heal itself?
    With this technology, there is no limit to the number of times the clear coat can heal itself. As long as the clear coat is not penetrated it will heal over and over again.
    How long will the clear coat last?
    Depending on how the film is cared for, the clear coat can last indefinitely. Regular washing and waxing will keep the clear coat in top condition for years to come.
    How does XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film resist staining?
    The clear coat on XPEL ULTIMATE has a very low surface energy, which makes it extremely difficult for organic compounds to stick to the film. Insects, bird droppings and environmental contaminants (which would normally cause yellowing) such as road oils, exhaust smoke and pollution can be removed during regular washing.
    What if a stain does not come off the film during normal washing?
    If ordinary car wash or soap and water will not remove a stain, there are a variety products available to do the job. In most cases simple isopropyl rubbing alcohol will remove anything on the surface of the film. In cases of more severe staining, or where something has been left on the film for a long period of time, a sparing amount of lacquer thinner can be used. Bug and tar remover available at any auto parts store is also effective. If you are unsure about the use of any other chemical on the surface of the film, please contact us and we'll help you out!
    Can I wax the film when I wax the rest of the car?
    Unlike most paint protection films on the market, XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection film can be waxed and sealed just like your paint. Though XPEL Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant is still the preferred product, Any automotive wax or sealant may be used.
    Will XPEL ULTIMATE make the paint underneath the film fade at a different rate?
    No. XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film allows UV to pass through the film and fade the paint underneath at the same rate as the exposed paint.